September 17, 2019

Century – Richmond Hill Open 2019

Date: Nov 9-10, 2019

Location: Century Private School, 11181 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1L2

Crown, U2100                           (FIDE/CFC rated)
U1700, U1300, Junior U900    (CFC rated)


Crown, U2100, U1700 and U1300: 5 rounds Swiss. Players must be CFC members in good standing to register.

Junior U900: Under 18 yrs old, 4 double rounds Swiss, each round include two games for same pair players switching  Black and White.

Time Control:

Crown, U2100, U1700 and U1300: 90 minutes with 30 seconds incremental for each move

Junior U900: 60 minutes

Default Time:

60 minutes for first round; 30 minutes for all other rounds

Round time:

Crown, U2100, U1700 and U1300:
Nov 9,       9:30AM, 1:30PM, 6PM
Nov 10      10AM, 3:00PM

Junior U900:
Nov 9,       9:30AM, 1:30PM
Nov 10      10AM, 3:00PM

A player can enter the higher Section if his/her rating is within 100 points than the Section floor limit. $20 play up fee applied.
To play up for Crown section: rating >= 2000
To play up for U2100 section: rating >= 1600
To play up for U1700 section: rating >= 1200
For junior to play up for U1300 section: rating >= 800

Crown, U2100, U1700 and U1300: Up to two 1/2 points bye for round 1-4.
Junior U900: Up to one bye with point for round 1-3. As it’s double round (two games in each round), you will get 1 point for that round.

Registration fee:
Early bird,  till the end of Oct 25:   $80
Regular,     Oct 26 –  Nov 7:             $100
Onsite (pairing for 2nd round)  :    $120
Note: the registration is integrated with Paypal, but you do not need a Paypal account to use it. Just click Paypal and pay with credit card information.

GM/WGM/IM/WIM free entry if confirm by Oct 21 (send email
FM/WFM: 50% off
Senior (65+), CCYC registered students and MRCC members: $10 off


Prize and Award (based on 120 full paid entries):
Crown Section:  1000/500/300/100
U2100: 500/300/150/70
U1700: 400/200/120/60
U1300: 300/150/100/50
Junior U900: Trophies for overall top 3 and top girl

Special award (stackable on top of prize/award)
Top 3 female players of the tournament (based on the performance rating in this tournament): 200/100/50
Mixed team award (a team with a male and a female, with highest combined points): 100
Family team award ( a team with two immediate family members, with highest combined points) : 100
– Teams must be registered before the start of 2nd round
– Each player can only join one team for one team award.
– As Junior section is 2 games each round, points from junior section only count 50% for team points calculation.

Refund policy:
Full refund before Nov 3rd with $10 processing fee to cover bank charges and other cost
No refund from Nov 4th.

– Prize will be equally distributed for players with same score
– Maximum prize $100 for unrated players and players with CFC provisional rating (<25 games)
– Chess sets and clocks will be provided by organizer
– Maximum of 150 players