February 22, 2019

Registered Players

Updated on 20:30, Feb. 22, 2019 Next update on Feb. 27, 2019 CFC rating will be collected Mar. 8, 2019 Notes: Registration later Feb. 22 may not be listed Registration through paper form will be updated next time


Name CFC ID Notes
Bi, William unrated
Chen, Aaron unrated
Chen, Cheney 166822
Chen, Lauren 1430673
Chen, Nathan unrated
Chen, Tymon unrated
Chen, William unrated
Dong, Ethan 167286
Duanmu, Isaac 163584
Feng, Edbert unrated
Gao, Heye 166066
Guan, Isabelle 166081
Guan, Marie 164627
Huang, Justin 166068
Ji, Sherwin 164628
Li, Benjamin 168022
Li, Justin unrated
Li, Triston 166944
Liu, Changmo (Jacob) unrated
Lu, Xiyu unrated
LUO, MILEK 167465
Ouyang, Evan 166948
Shen, Zhuoran unrated
Stockley, Fiona unrated
Su, Richard (Ricky) 168311
Wang, Braden unrated
Wang, Ethan 166078
wang, yuyang unrated
Wei, Clayton unrated
Wen, Jiayuan Sasha unrated
Wu, Terrence unrated Not Paid
Xie, Alex unrated
Xie, Brian unrated
Xie, Logan unrated
Xing, Percy 166952
Xu, Austin 166839
Yan, Caden unrated
Yang, Maxwell unrated
Yang, Skyler 166941
Yang, Vincent unrated
Yu, Victor unrated Not Paid
Zeng, Chloe 166393
Zeng, Elbert 168314
Zhang, Andy unrated
Zhang, Tyler unrated
Zhao, Yiming 164604 Not Paid
Zhou, Felix 167758
Zhou, YUN ZHONG unrated
Zhu, Charis 168132


Name CFC ID Notes
BAI, LUCIAN unrated
Bao, Jessica 168170 Not Paid
Chen, Brandon 166398
Chen, Richard unrated
Chen, Ricky 166353
chen, thomas unrated
Duanmu, Isabelle 163583
Fan, Zixuan 165314
Gao, Raymond (runyang) unrated Not Paid
GAO, Sean 164596
gao, yiguo unrated
Guo, Anni 163250
He, Ryan 166859
Hong, Zihan 166217
Hu, ChuXuan unrated
Huang, Ivan 164614
Huang, Thomas 166854
Jiang, Hancy 166648
Jiang, Kristopher 168235
Lepitre, Leo unrated
Li, Curtis unrated
Li, Ethan 166873
LI, PAUL unrated
Liu, Gavin unrated
Ma, Ruihan unrated
Ma, Yiran unrated
QIAN, ERIC 167975
Qin, Randy 164591
RUAN, ADAM unrated
Tang, Caden unrated
Wang, Cecia unrated Not Paid
Wang, Jaden 106583
Wang, Ryan 167989
Wang, Wilson 168027
wu, Jonas unrated
Wu, Justin unrated Not Paid
Xie, Jasper 164606
Xie, Miranda 168313 Not Paid
xiong, Andrew 166885
XU, ANGIE 166872 Not Paid
Xu, Kevin 1418949 Not Paid
Xu, William unrated
XU, YINGXUAN unrated
Yang, Bohuai unrated
Yang, Bohuai unrated Not Paid
Yang, Kevin Zikang unrated
Yang, Larry 164823
Yang, Lefan 163151 Not Paid
Yang, Lucy 164595
Yang, Terrence Zixi unrated
Yuan, Alyssa 166865 Not Paid
Zeng, Eric unrated
Zeng, Stacy 166864
Zhang, Tian Yu 168083
Zhao, Daniel unrated
Zhao, David 148672
Zheng, Samuel 167769
zhou, jack unrated
Zuo, Zichen (Roger) 164686
Name CFC ID Notes
BU, RYAN 165224
Chang, Simmon 166960
Chen, Yunkai 166890
Cheng, Daniel 167790
Cheng, Moxuan unrated
Dixit, Mohan 169181
Fang, Ludi unrated
He, Jasper 167976
Hong, Kaidong unrated
Huang, Tully 168584
Lee, Owen 164659 Not Paid
Li, Christopher Lin 166397
Liang, Ivan 167760
Lin, Haocheng Harry unrated
Lin, Joey 166638
Lin, Vincent 168151 Not Paid
Liu, Aaron 162294
Lu, Samuel 164643
Luo, Junqi 163586
Luo, Victoria unrated Not Paid
Qin, Ryan 164642
Rong, Peter 166797
Wang, Benny 166913 Not Paid
Wang, Eric unrated
Wang, Joshua unrated
wang, Tom 166877
Xie, Pui Ling unrated
Xu, Jessica 168808
Xu, Sophia unrated
Yang, Geoff unrated
Yang, Jack unrated
Yu, Guanming 166891
Zeng, Gordon 166321
Zeng, Gordon D.H. 168317
Zhang, Justin unrated
zhao, yicheng 163585 Not Paid
Zheng, Alan 165763
Zhou, Jonathan 166889
Zhu, Eric 164670
Zhu, George unrated
ZHU, RICKY 164016
Name CFC ID Notes
Liu, Yuze unrated
Bao, James 168175 Not Paid
Chen, Eric 164029
Chen, Jason unrated
Gao, Charles unrated
Gao, Yu Tai Terry unrated
Huang, Jack 166607
Li, Ray 168045
Liu, Chris 166919
Liu, Terry 166918
Shi, William 167698
Tong, Andy unrated Not Paid
xiong, Athena 164683
Xu, Andrew unrated
Name CFC ID Notes
Gao, George 164688
Name CFC ID Notes
Huang, Adam 164691